Deanship Vision

We aim to deploy an integrated student information system that provides complete electronic services to students of Aljouf University. In addition, we aim to improve the services of our staff to enable them to provide professional services to the university students since their admissions till their graduation, and crating a communication channel with them after their graduation.

Deanship Mission

Excellence and Equity in the provision of all academic services.

Deanship Objectives

The deanship has managed since its start, under the supervision of the university rector, to continuously develop and enhance all of its services, whether administrative or technical. Therefore, it has taken into account providing a complete service to the university students in a perfection manner. In order to do so, there are a number of objectives that the deanship aims to achieve.

  •      Provide the best services in all aspects to get to the vision of the deanship and achieve its mission, and maintain its achievements.
  •      Attract outstanding high school graduates to join the university from within and outside Aljouf region, as well as international students.
  •      Development of its systems to be up-to-date with the latest enhancements in order to provide better services to students, academic staff, and community.
  •      Making sure students get their monthly allowances on time.
  •      Elevate its employees to be a reference in the admission, registration, and academic affairs.