Students Allowances

  •      A monthly allowance is paid to every Saudi citizen student or a student from a Saudi citizen mother studying as undergraduate or postgraduate course and does not have a full time job. The monthly allowances are also paid to every international student on an external scholarship. The allowances are paid to the students accounts on a monthly basis consisting of 1000 SR to science major students and 850 SR to arts major students.
  •      The monthly allowances are paid for a fixed period that consists of the duration of the academic program the student is taken, for example, if the student is enrolled in a four-year program, then he/she will be paid for that period only.
  •      Students who withdraw or postpone a semester or more will not be paid for that period.
  •      Students with a GPA of less than 2 will not get their monthly allowances till they manage to get a GPA higher than 2.
  •      Student who are studying as visitor in another university will not get paid till they finish their semester and provide an official transcript for their studies.
  •      An amount of 10 SR is deducted from the student allowances every month, that is to paid for students treasury.
  •      Every student eligible for student allowances will be provided with an ATM card and a password to withdraw their allowances
  •      Student can get all information they need regarding their allowances through the allowances link in their students portal.
  •      Student with a GPA of 4.5 for two consecutive semesters on one academically year can get outstanding allowances worth 1000SR.