Leadership in the admission and registration, excellence in the provided services and attract the best students to the university as a contribution of community progression.


Competence and excellence in the performance of all admissions and registration processes as well as guidance with in quality, transparent and justice among the students and use of technology in all processes and tasks concern the student from admission to graduation beside the attention to human resources as well as excellent, stimulating and high quality systems and cooperation with partners inside and outside the university in order to contribute to the academic process and national development.


The Deanship aims to :

  •      Achieving quality and contributing to the accreditation according to the comprehensive quality standards for all services and tasks provided by the Deanship.
  •      Developing all administrative and technical services of the Deanship to keep up with the latest developments and future requirements to provide the best services to students, academic faculty members, colleges, centers and society.
  •      Developing mechanisms and standards of admission and registration for intern and extern students to reach the future vision of the Deanship, achieve its mission, and preserve its achievements to raise the name of the university and the country.
  •      Upgrading the Deanship staff by developing efficiency and by encouraging productivity and creativity in order to be a role model for experience and consultation in the affairs of admission and registration and academic policy.
  •      Developing partnership with inside and outside university to achieve its vision and mission.


  •      Justice in admissions and registration processes.
  •      Equity in the application of admission and registration criteria.
  •      Intend the spirit of cooperation between students and staff of the Deanship.
  •      Completion of the tasks assigned to the Deanship with precision and professionalism.
  •      To contribute to increasing the efficiency of the services provided by the Deanship.