A letter from the dean of DAR

Deanship of Admission and Registration has a vital role in the life of a student university for being the student’s entry gate to university of after high school until they graduate. In addition to being one of the most important channels of communication between the university and the community, we in the deanship pride in all that we do for the students and the community and we always aim to provide more .

One of its leading roles is to provide adequate information about the university, its colleges and specializations, admission conditions, and regulations. At the deanship of admission and registration we always keen to provide latest technology in our daily processes and procedures. By doing so, we aim to develop and improve the performance of our work and simplify procedures. Thankfully much has been achieved in this area and we still aspire to achieve more for the transition to the application of the concept of e-government. In a short period of time the deanship has made development in many of its manual services by automating them .

In this part, we manages to automate several vital procedures including allowing the university students to apply for a transfer to a different major within the university and implementation of postponements and withdraw from the semester as well as allowing students to view their monthly allowance. We thus aim to lead the administrative and technical heart of the development of the wheel hub of the university of Aljouf region .

In conclusion, I wish all the students of the university a lasting success .